Equality & Diversity

Invitation to an AntiRacism Reading Group

15th October 2020 7.30pm

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Equality and Diversity Issues
I have recently been appointed EDI Officer for the district, starting from September.
The role involves helping circuits and churches to engage in good practice in matters
of equality and Diversity, which encompasses, but is not restricted to, disability, race,
and gender issues. As such, I will be asking circuits and churches to consider how they
approach those issues, and what systems are in place to ensure equality and fairness
across all of its platforms, including worship, recruitment, and engaging with users of
their buildings.
This role is of course, new to me, and I have yet to map out exactly what shape it
takes, but I am excited and looking forward to working with churches in this way. One
way in which you can help, is by responding to any information that is circulated by
me, as initially, I will be asking churches to take part in a survey. It is important to
note, also, that equality is the responsibility of all of us, as children of God, and
therefore, the work cannot be done by one person only, so I'm looking forward to
cooperating with you in this task.
Every Blessing
Deacon Ramona Samuel


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